La tortuga sabia y el mono entrometido

Ana María Machado
Animal Stories Creativity Trees and Forests
Animal Stories Creativity Trees and Forests


Once upon a time, over the riverbank in the woods, the animals who claimed to be the smartest organized a competition to establish, once and for all, who was the wisest of them all. The judge was a native boy named Curumín, who posed a series of riddles to determine the winner. As often happens, the smartest one was a surprise to everyone. A humorous cautionary tale that will captivate young readers.

Other Details

Ana María Machado
Eugenia Nobati
Jul 31, 2017
  • Multiple Award-winning author: 2000 Hans Christian Andersen Award
  • 2010 Prince Claus Award
  • 2012 SM Iberoamerican Prize for Children and Youth Literature
  • 2019 Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos Award-winning illustrator
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